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Our highly skilled and motivated on- and offshore professionals are passionate to work on detailed, effective and maximum added value solutions.
We in-house operate high quality fulfilment equipment like hammers, upending tools, generators and ILT’s in order to work as efficient as possible.

Levelling system

Seaway Heavy Lifting operates a 4000 kN hydraulic multi-levelling system that enables the adjustment, if necessary, of jackets and templates within specified tolerances. The process is remotely controlled from the vessel. The system has been designed to level structures supported by piles driven through vertical sleeves or jacket legs and works in air and water. After levelling, welding of the jacket leg or grouting of the pile sleeve annulus can proceed in the normal way.

Pile-catcher mode
When the levelling tool is used between the pile top and the pile catcher, a hydraulically operated rod-end-gripper head is employed. One end of the cylinder rod end grips the pile-stabbing cone. The hydraulic system is equipped with an ROV hot-stab connection for emergency release of the tool in the event of hydraulic failure.

Pad-eye mode
When the tool is used between the pile top and the jacket pad eye, the rod end is connected to the jacket pad eye via a pulling rod. The pulling rod extension is a tailor-made item, which is measured up and manufactured on the spot.

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Technical specifications  


Name Levelling system

Operating Data

Maximum pile diameter  in  72
Pulling capacity per tool  kN  4000
Cylinder stroke  m  1.5
Power-pack working pressure  bar  300