We are proud to inform you that our vessels "Stanislav Yudin" and "Oleg Strashnov" have been officially renamed to "Seaway Yudin" and "Seaway Strashnov" respectively.  Read more
We are proud to inform you that our vessels "Stanislav Yudin" and "Oleg Strashnov" have been officially renamed to "Seaway Yudin" and "Seaway Strashnov" respectively.  Read more
Our highly skilled and motivated on- and offshore professionals are passionate to work on detailed, effective and maximum added value solutions.

Our values

At Seaway Heavy Lifting we feel the same about all that our company is about. This understanding is captured in our values. They fit our vision of what kind of company we want to be and form the basis of our success. Our key values read as follows:


Safety is of paramount importance to Seaway Heavy Lifting because we care about all people involved in our projects. These are undertaken in ways that maximize safety and environmental protection. 

Our demanding Incident and Injury Free (IIF) programme provides a solid foundation for our safety driven culture. All parties involved in our work – including business partners, subcontractors and suppliers – are bound by our IIF regime. It is governed by a management system which drives continuous improvement and demands full compliance with national and international regulatory requirements. We relentlessly pursue to be an Incident and Injury Free company.

Please click here to learn more about our safety policy and IIF.


We focus on what our clients need and, in so doing, we apply the highest standards of project management. Proven solutions are our starting point, tailored to the requirements of our clients. We exercise complete control over our fully owned vessels and other assets. When circumstances change, we are flexible and adapt our approach or process, never losing sight of the agreed schedule and budget. We always make sure that everyone is aligned by communicating extensively, both internally and with the client, from the preparation phase through to the delivery phase.


We recognize the value of certainty, which is why we always deliver what we have promised. Integrity is the foundation for all negotiations and agreements. We value open and transparent dialogue with our business partners and avoid surprises. We never undertake anything we cannot handle. We act fair in our relationships with clients, people and suppliers.


We are proud of the expertise and experience of our on- and offshore employees. They apply the highest standards, ensuring that projects are realised safely, smoothly and successfully. The passion, ownership and commitment of our people results in detailed, effective and maximum value added EPCI and T&I solutions for our clients, which form the basis of our success.

Key deliverables

  • High safety and quality standards
  • State of the art crane vessels
  • High quality support equipment
  • Highly skilled and motivated workforce
  • Innovative EPCI and T&I solutions
  • Proactive project management
  • Open and responsive relationships