Privacy Statement Seaway Heavy Lifting
We are aware that you put your faith in us. Therefore, we consider it our responsibility to protect your privacy. This Privacy Statement is to inform you which data we collect and record when you use our website and why we collect these data.

This Privacy Statement is applicable to all services of Seaway Heavy Lifting (SHL).

Personal data are data that say something about you, for example your name, telephone number, date of birth, address or email address. We may ask you for data of this kind in various situations, for example if you complete an application form on our website.

Use of our services
If you register on our website and / or sign up for one of our news letters we ask you to provide us with your personal data. These data are used to carry out these services. The data is recorded on SHL’s private protected servers.

Saving and processing of data
We save or are able to record the following data:

  • (Sur)name, address, residence, gender, date of birth, BSN number, curriculum vitae, certificates, copy ID, marital status, email address, nationality;
  • Data on availability, employment history and leave of absence;
  • Bank account number;
  • VAR statements;
  • Your name and email address, if you sign up for our news letter; 
  • Other data insofar as legally required or insofar as you have given permission in that respect.

We save data for the purpose of:

  • Bringing together supply and demand on the employment market; 
  • Sending SHL’s news letter digitally;
  • Granting access to our work locations.

SHL will not record more personal data than necessary for the purpose of the record.

We do not collect and / or use information for any other objectives than the objectives described in this Privacy Statement, unless you have given us permission to do so in advance.

Third parties

The data will not be shared with third parties, other than in situations as mentioned in this Privacy Statement. In some cases, the data may be shared internally. Our employees are under the obligation to respect the confidential character of your data.

Options for personal data
We offer all our visitors the option to view, edit or delete all personal data currently provided to us. We will delete the data, if and insofar as we are legally permitted. 

Our internet site contains links to other internet sites. SHL is not responsible for the actions of those other internet sites in relation to privacy. We advise you to pay attention whenever you leave our internet site and to read the privacy statement of all internet sites collecting personal data. This Privacy Statement only relates to data that is collected through this internet site.

The security of data sent through the internet cannot be 100% guaranteed. We strive to secure your personal data, however thus, we cannot fully guarantee the security of data sent by you.

We use Google Analytics cookies to collect anonymous information about how visitors use our website. These cookies collect information that identifies you only as a visitor and are used to analyze how the website works. With the cookies we track the usage of our website to further improve the quality and experience.

We do not share the information we collect with Google or use it in connection with any other Google services. This is reflected in the agreement we have with Google and technical measures to anonymize you as a user.

If you object to the usage of cookies on our website we offer the possibility to remove the tracking here.

Questions and feedback
In the event of any developments in relation to company activities or if anything changes in the legislation or case law, we could change the Privacy Statement. Therefore, you are advised to check for changes regularly. This Privacy Statement was last amended on 25 May 2018.

Should you have any questions about this Privacy Statement, please contact us: