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Our highly skilled and motivated on- and offshore professionals are passionate to work on detailed, effective and maximum added value solutions.
We in-house operate high quality fulfilment equipment like hammers, upending tools, generators and ILT’s in order to work as efficient as possible.
Scope MNP process topsides and MLQ topsides 2 flare towers and bridge installations
Client Larsen & Toubro

MNF-1 Topsides          105Mt 

MNF-2 Topsides          116Mt

MLQ-Topsides             3940Mt

MLQ Crane                   39Mt

MLQ Crane Boom        10Mt

SW Module                   3400Mt

West Cantilever            445Mt

SE Module                     3440Mt

East Cantilever              490Mt

North Cantilever             415Mt

East Module                    2640Mt

North Module                   1735Mt

West Cantilever              1740Mt

South Crane Pedestal    41Mt

MLQ-MNP Bridge            590Mt

BM Module                      3120Mt

PGC-A Module                1250Mt

PGC-B Module                1260Mt

PGC-C Module                1270Mt

MNW-MNP Bridge           550Mt

GDU Module                    1700Mt

North Crane Yoke            52Mt

North Crane Boom          24Mt

South Crane Yoke           55Mt

South Crane Boom         29Mt

MNP-MNF2 Bridge          480Mt

MNF1-MNF2 Bridge        420Mt

MNF1 Flare                     75Mt

MNF2 Flare                     23Mt

Waterdepth m (LAT)

Larsen & Toubro

Period 19th January – 21st April 2012
Offshore Installation OSPE 60.25 hours
Duration/Speed 93 days