We in-house operate high quality fulfilment equipment like hammers, upending tools, generators and ILT’s in order to work as efficient as possible.

Recruitment Process

1. Applying to SHL

You will receive an immediate confirmation that our recruitment professionals have received your completed application. They will match your data with the job requirements, and will consult with the Hiring Manager, if necessary. If you reside abroad, a short telephone interview may be part of this phase. We will respond to your application by email within ten working days.

2. First Interview

In this interview, you will meet with your potential future superior and an HR representative. The interview will take approximately an hour to an hour and a half, in which we will assess your experience and credentials against the requirements in the job description. At the end of the interview, you will have the opportunity to ask us some of your questions about the job vacancy, the working environment, or anything else you might like to know about SHL.

3. Second Interview

This is another interview with your potential future superior. Depending on the vacancy, you may also meet a Management Team member or a potential future colleague who does the same job as the one advertised. In this interview, you will be asked about your references, and you will be informed about an assessment procedure/medical check-up. In the case of senior job openings, a third interview may also be part of the recruitment procedure.

4. SHL Offer

If all interviews have been successful for both parties, an extensive written proposal will follow by email. If agreement is reached, you will receive your contract by post as soon as possible.