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Our highly skilled and motivated on- and offshore professionals are passionate to work on detailed, effective and maximum added value solutions.
We in-house operate high quality fulfilment equipment like hammers, upending tools, generators and ILT’s in order to work as efficient as possible.

Safety / IIF

Safety is of paramount importance to Seaway Heavy Lifting because we care about all people involved in our projects. These are undertaken in ways that maximize safety and environmental protection.

Our demanding Incident and Injury Free (IIF) programme provides a solid foundation. All parties involved in our work – including business partners, subcontractors and suppliers – are bound by this IIF regime. It is governed by a management system which drives continuous improvement and demands full compliance with national and international regulatory requirements. We relentlessly pursue to be an Incident and Injury Free company.

Our safety statement

It is our belief that no injury is acceptable and that all injuries can be avoided. Everyone at Seaway Heavy Lifting, from the top down, is relentless in their pursuit of an Incident & Injury Free (IIF) environment. We are all responsible for creating and maintaining our Incident & Injury Free environment and lead our company towards that objective. This responsibility is based on personal accountability.