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Our highly skilled and motivated on- and offshore professionals are passionate to work on detailed, effective and maximum added value solutions.
We in-house operate high quality fulfilment equipment like hammers, upending tools, generators and ILT’s in order to work as efficient as possible.

Oil & Gas

Seaway Heavy Lifting’s track record of successful project delivery spans two decades, from the North Sea and Black Sea to the Gulf of Mexico, Barents Sea, Malaysia and offshore India. We have installed over 150 platforms and, more recently, hundreds of wind energy foundations. We take pride in meeting exacting demands. With versatile crane vessels and innovative equipment, we ensure timely access to remote deepwater and shallow water frontier locations and optimise the offshore installation schedule.

Seaway Heavy Lifting provides the expertise required for a complete installation scope of work (T&I), with the experience and capacity to achieve project goals regardless of size and complexity. We have built a reputation for success and reliability. Our scope includes amongst others transport and installation of platforms, deepwater structures and platform decommissioning.

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Having successfully completed more than 150 offshore installation projects, Seaway Heavy Lifting is recognised as a leading offshore contractor. Our solutions prioritise safety and efficiency and clients benefit from our accumulated experience. We understand the quantification and management of risk. We also aim to reduce risk and complexity and limit the impact of scope changes.

Seaway Heavy Lifting’s shore-based expertise is matched by the experience and commitment of our seasoned offshore personnel. They are expert in the use of installation equipment, including underwater pile hammers ranging from IHC S-500 to IHC S-2500.

Module installation

Over the past two decades we have been entrusted with the transportation & installation of hundreds of offshore modules. Ultra-heavy lift capacity and DP3 station-keeping ensure that very heavy units are handled safely and efficiently. The crane vessels’ decks provide plenty of space for transportation of platform components. Naturally, this total service includes the in-house engineering of guides and bumper systems, together with SIMOPS installations.

Float-over installation

Seaway Heavy Lifting has responded to the growing interest in float-over solutions for topsides. We have the capacity to provide for float-overs, utilising heavy transport vessels or float-over barges.

We have in-house deepwater installations expertise. Comprehensive planning – as always – is a vital success factor. Our engineering, project management and offshore personnel have undertaken a full range of SPAR, TLP and template installations. Various deepwater lowering options are available, offering safe working with large weights at extreme depths. Oleg Strashnov’s unique dual hull width increases stability and workability and the roomy main deck reduces dependence on cargo barges. The big revolving crane, equipped with a deepwater hook, is ideal for pile and tendon handling and upending as well as for installation of foundation templates.

SPAR installation

Oleg Strashnov’s crane has the lift capacity needed for heavy topsides and large module installations. There is a wide range of rigging options, combined with various hydraulic release lifting shackles and antitwist devices. This vessel’s main winch provides for direct, over-the-side deployment of moorings. There is 1,000 sq. m of underdeck storage area for polyester mooring lines. Seaway Heavy Lifting will provide the special equipment required to meet the project specific requirements of our clients. TLP installation

Oleg Strashnov’s long crane boom (800 tonnes at 134 m hook height) allows safe tendon section handling, tendon string assembly and installation. A purpose-built tendon alignment tower is used for hook-up and string assembly. Tendons and buoyancy tanks are handled and stored on the large work deck.

Template installation

The many options for deepwater template installation include full main hoist capacity with hang-off frame and spreader bar, using fibre ropes to lower structures to the designated water depth. Alternatively by rereeving the main hoist, structures may be lowered to 2,300 m water depth.

Seaway Heavy Lifting participates in joint industry initiatives now exploring advanced fibre rope winch systems. This technology is required for the installation of structures at ever greater water depths.

Removal and recycling

The removal and recycling of offshore platforms and subsea structures is a major challenge. With over 7,000 platforms in place worldwide, industry and governments face decommissioning costs which may approach USD 200 billion over the next four decades. The majority of smaller platforms – in shallow Continental Shelf areas – are likely to be removed over the next 20-25 years.

Platform abandonments

Seaway Heavy Lifting has the capacity (including single lift solutions) to undertake large-scale platform abandonments. This total service includes preparation, separation, removal, transportation and recycling/disposal ashore. Rigorous safety and environmental standards are applied. Our emphasis is on hazard identification and detailed risk assessment, to resolve issues at the earliest possible stage.

Removal and recycling involves many issues: regulation, technology, environment, planning execution and cost, as a decommissioning project is more than a reverse installation. Regulation is a key factor: decommissioning and removal projects must comply in full with international, regional and national regulatory requirements.