We in-house operate high quality fulfilment equipment like hammers, upending tools, generators and ILT’s in order to work as efficient as possible.


Over the past few years SHL has grown rapidly, but our corporate culture is still informal with short reporting lines.

At SHL, we believe that team activities are an important part of teambuilding. Past team activities have included skiing (skiway), biking with colleagues and Friday drinks after work.

Throughout the entire organisation one can literally feel that all our colleagues are proud of SHL and what SHL stands for. This creates a bond that makes us all feel like family.

At SHL, we encourage you to explore and reach your full potential. From learning on the job to training for professional qualifications; we help you reach your personal and professional goals.

We will give you every opportunity to stretch yourself and we will support and encourage you in your efforts to take on increasing responsibilities. The offshore contractor market is highly competitive, so you can expect constant challenges in your work.

You will have every opportunity to pursue the possibilities available on both our technical and commercial career paths. And it’s not just our jobs that are diverse. Whether you’re working on one of our offshore vessels or at our offices, the same principles apply: respect and appreciation of diverse talents and diverse people.

Who are we looking for

Candidates who have earned their Master’s/Bachelor’s degree and have 0-3 years of work experience. 

Growth opportunities for starters

If you have just started out on the job market (0-3 years of work experience), you can discover what really makes you tick at SHL. We can offer a wide range of opportunities for job market starters, depending on your personal ambitions and your educational background or experiences.

At SHL you will be able to develop your skills right from the start. We have been growing at a high pace and we now employ numerous people who are examples of starters who have grown into expert and management positions.


Michel Vrolijk

‘You constantly face new challenges because every project is different. ’

Michel Vrolijk

Installation Engineer
(Engineering department)

“During my Mechanical Engineering studies at higher professional education level, I did my final year project at SHL, and the company then offered me the chance to stay on. I am very happy they did, because I am thoroughly enjoying myself here. I graduated in July 2012 and have worked at SHL for two months so everything is still quite new to me. In these first months I have been given various types of training which have given me a sound and safe basis for my work at SHL, such as offshore training, escape training and training oriented around working at heights. In my role as Installation Engineer one of my tasks is to calculate the strength of our hoisting cables. These are important calculations because cables like these are, of course, not allowed to break.   Read more

Toon van den Hooren

‘As a CAD designer at SHL you get to work on magnificent projects and use state-of-the-art equipment. ’

Toon van den Hooren

CAD Team Leader
(CAD department)

“After I had graduated in Mechanical Engineering from an institute of technology I immediately started work as a draughtsman. I first joined SHL in 1998. After leaving to pursue other activities for a few years I returned to the company in 2006 and I am still really glad I made that decision. I work in an environment in which I feel completely at home. Even at primary school I was always fascinated by cranes, machines and boats. So I knew from an early age what I was passionate about and, for me, SHL is the perfect employer.   Read more

Patrick Degenaar

‘There is a great atmosphere at SHL and you get to work in a fantastic sector. ’

Patrick Degenaar

HR Manager Offshore
(Human Resources department)

“I had already worked for around five years as an HR officer in the offshore industry when I came into contact with SHL in connection with a new HR vacancy. It did not take me long to make a decision. I was aware of SHL good reputation and it was not long before I had a new job. When I started work at SHL in 2011, I focused on recruitment for our office and HR support for our offshore crew. However, the fact that the number of offshore employees was growing so quickly meant I soon became involved on HR support on our ships full-time. I really enjoy this work. I get to deal with every aspect of HR, such as training, remuneration issues, recruitment and selection, to name but a few, so my responsibilities are very wide-ranging.   Read more

Sander Overduin

‘I get a real kick out of meeting a short deadline for a large-scale major purchasing process. ’

Sander Overduin

Procurement Manager
(Procurement department)

“Before I came to work at SHL in 2010, I had worked for ten years as a purchaser for a shipping company in the fishing sector. I started work there after graduating from an institute of technology as a commercial engineer. The work was fun but, after ten years, I was ready for a new challenge. I wanted to carry on working in the maritime sector and came across a vacancy at SHL, where they were looking for a purchaser. I felt a real click with the company, even during the first job interview. That click is something I still have because I really enjoy my work here. As Procurement Manager I am responsible, together with my colleagues, for all purchases for our ships, projects and office. We regularly have to make large-scale purchases for our vessels and projects, such as manufactured items, lifting materials, and other necessities. These purchases often involve amounts of hundreds of thousands of euros, and our challenge is to purchase as competitively as possible without losing sight of the deadline.  Read more

Arnoud Bosch

‘Challenging work with an immediate result, in an international setting. That is what SHL has to offer. ’

Arnoud Bosch

Engineering Manager
(Engineering department)

“After studying Civil Engineering at Delft University of Technology I soon found a job in the offshore industry. After having worked for eight years at the same company, as (project) engineer, I was ready for a new challenge. SHL drew my attention because it was a rapidly-growing company and was in the process of building a new ship, the Oleg Strashnov. As far as I was concerned that made the company an even more attractive proposition. When I was given the chance to go to work at SHL in 2010, I seized the opportunity with both hands. I have never once regretted my decision because I am really enjoying myself.   Read more

Jolanda Meyer

‘Despite our rapid growth we still try to maintain our open and informal culture. ’

Jolanda Meyer

Facility Coordinator
(Base Services department)

“I joined SHL in 2000 and, since then, have held many different posts at the company. I started out as a secretary and gradually gained more experience over time. I eventually progressed to the position of Logistics Engineer. Because I wanted to return to slightly calmer waters I became a Facility Coordinator at the start of 2012. This is a job that really suits me. My main tasks are to support our Facility Manager and supervise reception. I arrange the ordering of office supplies and printed matter, am in charge of contacts with the cleaning company, etc. As regards our reception I am responsible for, among other things, proper supervision and the drawing up of the schedule.   Read more