We in-house operate high quality fulfilment equipment like hammers, upending tools, generators and ILT’s in order to work as efficient as possible.

Michel Vrolijk

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During my Mechanical Engineering studies at higher professional education level, I did my final year project at SHL, and the company then offered me the chance to stay on. I am very happy they did, because I am thoroughly enjoying myself here. I graduated in July 2012 and have worked at SHL for two months so everything is still quite new to me. In these first months I have been given various types of training which have given me a sound and safe basis for my work at SHL, such as offshore training, escape training and training oriented around working at heights. In my role as Installation Engineer one of my tasks is to calculate the strength of our hoisting cables. These are important calculations because cables like these are, of course, not allowed to break. Even during my studies I found myself drawn to working with large objects. SHL certainly has plenty of those! I remember well the moment, during my final year project, that I first went on board our ship the Stanislav Yudin, which was moored in the Maasvlakte at the time. That left a big impression on me and I became fascinated by the vessel. The anchors, for example, are three metres tall. If you stand next to them, you feel really tiny. Every project we implement is different and that means you constantly face new challenges. On top of all this I have fantastic colleagues and the terms of employment are also attractive. Even though I have only just started working here, there is already no doubt in mind that, as far as my future is concerned, it is going to be at SHL

Michel Vrolijk

‘You constantly face new challenges because every project is different. ’

Installation Engineer
(Engineering department)