We in-house operate high quality fulfilment equipment like hammers, upending tools, generators and ILT’s in order to work as efficient as possible.

Sander Overduin

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Before I came to work at SHL in 2010, I had worked for ten years as a purchaser for a shipping company in the fishing sector. I started work there after graduating from an institute of technology as a commercial engineer. The work was fun but, after ten years, I was ready for a new challenge. I wanted to carry on working in the maritime sector and came across a vacancy at SHL, where they were looking for a purchaser. I felt a real click with the company, even during the first job interview. That click is something I still have because I really enjoy my work here. As procurement manager I am responsible, together with my colleagues, for all purchases for our ships, projects and office. We regularly have to make large-scale purchases for our vessels and projects, such as manufactured items, lifting materials, and other necessities. These purchases often involve amounts of hundreds of thousands of euros, and our challenge is to purchase as competitively as possible without losing sight of the deadline. In order to make proper purchases we frequently cooperate with our project teams and colleagues from the Technical Department. They provide precise information on what they need, after which we can get to work. One of the best jobs I had to do was the purchasing relating to the completion of the Oleg Strashnov, including the first wind farm project for the ship. We had just three months to make all the necessary purchases and that was a huge challenge. We succeeded by working extremely hard and we got a huge kick out of meeting our target. At SHL your work is genuinely appreciated. This is a typical expression of the company's positive corporate culture.

Sander Overduin

‘I get a real kick out of meeting a short deadline for a large-scale major purchasing process. ’

Procurement Manager
(Procurement department)