We in-house operate high quality fulfilment equipment like hammers, upending tools, generators and ILT’s in order to work as efficient as possible.

Toon van den Hooren

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After I had graduated in Mechanical Engineering from an institute of technology I immediately started work as a draughtsman. I first joined SHL in 1998. After leaving to pursue other activities for a few years I returned to the company in 2006 and I am still really glad I made that decision. I work in an environment in which I feel completely at home. Even at primary school I was always fascinated by cranes, machines and boats. So I knew from an early age what I was passionate about and, for me, SHL is the perfect employer. As a team leader I have to perform all kinds of managerial tasks. I share out the work, check drawings, motivate and encourage employees, recruit people and solve problems where necessary. I also regularly spend time offshore on behalf of our projects, and my job then is to make sure that all the required documents are in order. The installation of a construction at sea is always a proud moment. We sometimes have to deal with short deadlines, but that just makes it more challenging. In our CAD department we have state-of-the-art drawing equipment and our work is very varied. It covers 2D, 3D, conceptual design, simulations, animations, and much more besides. We even employ people with artist impression skills. Another aspect I really like is the very sociable atmosphere at SHL. Everyone takes account of each other and a lot of attention is paid to the person behind the employee. All this generates an extremely enjoyable working environment.

Toon van den Hooren

‘As a CAD designer at SHL you get to work on magnificent projects and use state-of-the-art equipment. ’

CAD Team Leader
(CAD department)