Seaway Strashnov

The Seaway Strashnov is a unique hull shape and is outfitted with the latest technology. Its 5,000 tonnes revolving crane has a main hook lifting height of 102m. There are 800 tonnes and 200 tonnes auxiliary hooks and a 30 tonnes trolley hoist. With generous deck space totalling 3,700 sq. m (8,500 tonnes load capacity) the  Seaway Strashnov represents the ideal vessel for the installation of large, heavy structures. It is also equipped for the installation of TLP/SPAR foundations and topsides, together with the in-field installation of modules on FPSOs.

The ‘Seaway Strashnov’ is a state-of-the-art crane vessel available to our clients worldwide. A unique feature of the vessel is the innovative hull shape which enables her to have a transit speed of 14 knots, combined with exceptional working characteristics for a mono hull design. This combination contributes to a further successful execution of projects. Lift heights of 100m for the 5,000mt main hook and 132m for the 800mt auxiliary hook enables the vessel to undertake an impressive range of projects from dual hook upending of large jackets to heavy deck installations. The installed DP 3 system also enables the vessel to be employed for the installation of large and heavy subsea structures, TLP/SPAR foundations and topsides.

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Name Seaway Strashnov
Flag Cyprus
Accommodation POB 220


Length overall m 183.0
Breadth m 47.0
Depth from deck m 18.20
Draught m 8.5 - 13.5

Propulsion / power

Main engines (six) kW 4,500
Main thrusters (two) kW 5,000
DP thrusters (two) kW 3,500
Bow thrusters (two) kW 1,012
Transit speed knots 14

Positioning system

DP3 positioning system
Eight-point mooring system
Anchors 15 t


Main hoist
Maximum revolving capacity mt 5,000 @ 32 m
Maximum lifting height above water level m 102
Auxiliary hoist I
Maximum capacity mt 800 @ 72 m
Maximum lifting height above water level m 134
Auxiliary hoist II
Maximum capacity mt 200
Maximum lifting height above water level m 110

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Key features:

  • 5000-mt fully revolving crane
  • High sailing speed
  • DP 3
  • Exceptional working characteristics

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