Seaway Yudin

Our crane vessel Seaway Yudin has a 2,500 tonnes revolving crane, a 500 tonnes auxiliary hook and a 30 tonnes trolley hoist. With 78.4 m on the main hook and 100.8 m on the auxiliary, the Seaway Yudin is ideal for a broad range of offshore installation tasks. This Light Ice Class crane vessel has 2,560 sq. m of deck space (5,000 tonnes load capacity), with 20 m clearance between deck and boom at rest. It has an eight-point mooring system and combines high transit speed with shallow draft (5.5 m). There is accommodation for 151 persons and the helideck is equipped for S61 or equivalent.

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Name Seaway Yudin
Flag Cyprus
Built Wartsila, Finland Built Wartsila, Finland
Accommodation POB 151
Helicopter deck Equipped for S-61 or equivalent
Classification Russian Maritime of Shipping KM* L32 A2
Certification crane vessel DNV 1A1 Crane vessel ICE-1C E0 DK + HELDK-SH


Length overall m 183.3
Length between perpendiculars m 173.2
Breadth m 36.0
Depth from deck m 13
Draught m 5.5 - 8.9
Gross tonnage t 24,822
Deck load t 5t/m2 - 10t/m2
Deck space m2 2,560
Free deck height m 20

Propulsion / power

Main engines (three) kW 4,095
Generators (three) kVA, V, Hz 4,860, 600, 50
Main thrusters (two) kW 2,800, fixed pitch, 360°
Bow thrusters (two) kW 1335, tunnelled
Emergency power kVA, Kw 625, 543
Transit speed knots 9

Ballast system

Ballasting tanks m3 24,104
Anti-heeling tanks m3 11,789
Ballast pumps (six) m3/h 850
Anti-heeling pumps m3/h 12,800

Mooring system

Eight-point system
Anchors 10 t Flipper Delta
Maximum pull kN 1,800
Maximum breaking load kN 2,590


Make Gusto/Kone
Main hoist
Maximum revolving capacity mt 2,500
Maximum lifting height above water level m 78.4
Auxiliary hoist
Maximum capacity mt 500
Maximum lifting height above water level m 100.8

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Key features:

  • 2500-mt fully revolving crane
  • 2560 m2 of free deck space
  • High sailing speed
  • Self-propelled
  • Shallow draft of only 5.5m
  • DNV classified
  • Eight-point mooring system
  • Modern, fully air-conditioned accommodation, including a hospital
  • Fully equipped helicopter deck

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